Winter is Coming (Again?): Your Guide to Everything We Know About the Potential Jon Snow Sequel

Hold onto your cloaks, Game of Thrones fans! Whispers of a Jon Snow sequel series are swirling around the Seven Kingdoms, leaving us wondering if our brooding Night’s Watchman will grace our screens once more. While HBO hasn’t officially confirmed anything, Kit Harington’s own words have dropped hints like breadcrumbs through the snowy wilderness, leading us on a quest for answers.

“There’s definitely a part of me that would love to go back,” Harington admitted, igniting the wildfire of speculation. And who wouldn’t? Jon Snow, the reluctant hero, the brooding sword in the darkness, was the heart and soul of Game of Thrones for eight seasons. We saw him rise from a bastard to Lord Commander, fall in love with a fiery redhead, and ultimately be banished beyond the Wall for, well, killing his queen who also happened to be his aunt (it’s complicated, okay?).

His ending, while bittersweet, felt unfinished. Sent north with the Wildlings, his true Targaryen heritage revealed but ignored, it was as if the writers ripped a page out of our collective fan fiction. We craved closure, we craved more. And Harington, it seems, feels the same.

So, what could a Jon Snow sequel look like? The possibilities are as vast as the frozen tundra beyond the Wall. Will he find peace amongst the Free Folk, forging a new life with Tormund and Ghost by his side? Or will duty call him back to Westeros, embroiled in some fresh political turmoil or facing a new threat from the far north (White Walkers anyone?)? Maybe he’ll finally embrace his Targaryen side and, who knows, even mount a dragon for a second go at the Iron Throne? (Yes, please!)

Harington himself has hinted at exploring “new, unexplored areas” of Westeros and delving deeper into Jon’s Targaryen lineage. Imagine him navigating the treacherous Essos, uncovering secrets of his ancestors, and maybe even reuniting with his aunt Daenerys (well, a different aunt, technically, but you get the point). The potential for epic adventures and mind-blowing revelations is enough to make any fan’s heart beat faster than Drogon on a rampage.

Of course, the return of Jon Snow wouldn’t be complete without the rest of the beloved characters. The fate of Arya Stark, Sansa’s reign as Queen in the North, Tyrion’s endless wisecracks – these are threads left dangling that a Jon Snow sequel could seamlessly weave back into the tapestry of Westeros. Even a glimpse of Ghost wouldn’t go amiss (seriously, where’s that good boyo been?).

However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. While the prospect of a Jon Snow sequel is tantalizing, it’s important to remember that HBO hasn’t pulled the trigger just yet. There are scripts circulating, ideas being tossed around, but nothing concrete. We may have to wait a while longer before we see our favorite brooding hero gracing our screens again.

But hey, that’s what makes anticipation so sweet, right? It allows us to speculate, theorize, and weave our own narratives in the interim. It gives us something to talk about while we rewatch the old seasons for the millionth time (don’t judge, we’ve all been there). And who knows, maybe our passionate fan theories will even find their way into the writers’ room. After all, what’s a good story without a little input from the people who love it most?

So, keep your eyes peeled and your swords sharpened, fellow Thronies. Because if the winds of winter are indeed blowing, they might just carry Jon Snow back to Westeros with them. And when that day comes, we’ll be ready to welcome him home with open arms (and maybe a tankard of ale). Winter is coming, but so might Jon Snow, and that’s a reason to celebrate.

Now, pass the direwolf plushie and someone get the map of Westeros prepped. It’s time to start planning our journey back to the Seven Kingdoms.

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