Is Taylor Swift married? Debunking the Marriage Rumors!

Is Taylor Swift married

Is Taylor Swift married?

Hold onto your cowboy hats, Swifties! As of today, February 10th, 2024, Taylor Swift is not married. There have been whispers and rumors swirling around her relationship status for years, but her publicist has officially shut them down on multiple occasions.

While she’s been dating British actor Joe Alwyn for several years now, they seem to be enjoying a low-key, private relationship. There’s no denying their connection, but the wedding bells haven’t rung just yet.

Now, Taylor has always been one to leave clues about her life in her music, so who knows what the future holds? Maybe we’ll get a love song with hidden wedding metaphors in her next album? Until then, we can all just appreciate her amazing talent and wait patiently for any official updates. Remember, true love takes time, and Taylor is definitely writing her own happily ever after!

Is Taylor Swift currently dating anyone?

Taylor swift Travis kelce

Is Taylor Swift married

As of today, February 10th, 2024, the answer is a resounding yes! Taylor Swift has been coupled up with British actor Joe Alwyn for quite some time now, with rumors swirling around their love story since 2016. Though they keep their relationship relatively private, fans have pieced together clues from paparazzi sightings, song lyrics, and even social media hints.

While marriage bells haven’t rung just yet, their connection seems pretty solid. They’ve been spotted at concerts, sporting events, and even grabbing casual coffee together. Plus, Taylor hasn’t shied away from dropping subtle hints in her music, leaving fans wondering if this might be her “last love story we wrote.”

So, without diving into full-blown speculation, it’s safe to say Taylor’s definitely got someone special by her side, and their love story is still unfolding!

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Has Taylor Swift expressed any desire to get married?

Taylor’s relationship with marriage is a bit like a cryptic lyric – open to interpretation! Throughout her career, she’s given mixed signals:

Early Days: In her younger years, marriage wasn’t a top priority. Around 2010, she stated she wasn’t focused on it and was happy living in the present.

Shifting Views: Later, hints of wanting a long-term commitment emerged. In 2012, she mentioned dreaming of being a mom and having a bunch of kids “one day.”

Private and Present: Now, things are trickier. With Joe Alwyn, she keeps her love life under wraps, so it’s impossible to say definitively. We can only analyze clues:

  • Lyrics: Some fans see hints of longing for marriage in songs like “Lover” and “Delicate.”
  • Interviews: She hasn’t spoken directly about it recently, focusing on her career and personal growth.

Ultimately, only Taylor knows her true desires. It’s safe to say she values both independence and companionship, and her future with Joe remains an open book for fans to eagerly speculate on!

Any recent updates or public appearances?

While Taylor and Joe generally keep their romance private, here are some recent updates and public appearances to keep you in the loop:


  • She’s currently on her massive “Eras Tour,” performing across North America.
  • In late January, she was spotted filming a music video in Liverpool, England, hinting at new music on the horizon.
  • During the tour, she has added “The 1” to the setlist, a song about a lost love, sparking speculation among fans.


  • He appeared at the GQ Men of the Year Awards in London in November 2023, his first public event in six months.
  • He’s currently filming a movie in Hungary.


  • Neither have been spotted together publicly in recent months, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything concrete about their relationship status.

Remember, their privacy is important to them, so we may not always have every detail. But by following their individual careers and keeping an eye out for any shared sightings or social media hints, you can stay updated on their journey as a couple!

That’s right! As of today, February 10th, 2024, Taylor Swift is happily coupled up with Joe Alwyn, but they haven’t tied the knot just yet. While their relationship seems strong and she’s dropped some hints in her music, marriage officially remains off the table for now. Keep your eyes peeled for future developments, Swifties – her love story is still unfolding!

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