Dakota Johnson’s SNL Hosting: So Good, It Broke the Internet (Maybe)

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson brought her signature charm and humor to Saturday Night Live this weekend, hosting the show for the first time. She delivered a hilarious monologue that touched on everything from her family to her love of marijuana.

In her monologue, Johnson joked about her famous parents, Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, and her experience growing up in Hollywood. She also poked fun at herself, admitting that she’s not exactly the most “Saturday Night Live” person.

“I’m not exactly the most ‘Saturday Night Live’ person,” she said. “I’m more of a ‘stay in and watch Netflix in my pajamas’ kind of girl.”

But Johnson proved that she’s more than capable of holding her own on the live sketch show. She was game for anything, whether it was playing a clueless contestant on a game show or a sexy robot in a spoof of “Westworld.”

One of the highlights of the night was a sketch called “Please Don’t Destroy,” in which Johnson played a woman who is constantly interrupted by her annoying neighbors. The sketch was so funny that it quickly went viral.

Johnson also showed off her comedic timing in a sketch called “The Barry Gibb Talk Show,” in which she played a talk show host who is interviewing the Bee Gees. The sketch was a hilarious send-up of 70s variety shows.

Dakota Johnson’s SNL Hosting

And in a sketch called “Waiters,” Johnson played a waitress who is trying to get her customers to leave so she can go home. The sketch was a relatable take on the struggles of working in the service industry.

Throughout the night, Johnson was ably supported by the SNL cast, including Kate McKinnon, Kenan Thompson, and Cecily Strong. Justin Timberlake also made a guest appearance, performing a medley of his hits.

Johnson’s hosting stint was a success, and she proved that she’s a talented comedic actress. She was funny, charming, and self-deprecating, and she won over the hearts of the SNL audience.

Here are some of the other highlights from Johnson’s SNL hosting gig:

  • She shared a photo from the 40th anniversary of SNL that she attended as a child.
  • She gave a shout-out to her grandmother, Tippi Hedren, who was in the audience.
  • She thanked her parents for their support.
  • She said that she’s excited to come back and host SNL again someday.

Overall, Dakota Johnson’s SNL hosting stint was a memorable one. She’s a natural comedian, and she’s sure to be a welcome addition to the SNL cast in the future.

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